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Repairs Price List

Price List for Stringed Instrument Repairs & Restorations

Set-ups: Acoustic or non-tremolo Electric from £50.00 + cost of strings
  Tremolo fine tune up to £75.00
New Top Nut:   from £35.00
New Saddles: Acoustic Guitar from £50.00
  Compensated for Acoustic from £60.00
  Electric Guitar from £50.00 + price of parts
Transducer Installation: from £60.00+ cost of transducer
Rewiring:   from £25.00 (charged hourly)
Partial Refret: Stone & Re-profile from £85.00
  Partial Refret from £100.00
Complete Refret: Unbound Rosewood / Ebony from £135.00
  Bound Fingerboard from £160.00
  Maple Fingerboard from £180.00
    (including any necessary re-finishing)
New Bridges: Acoustic Instruments from £100.00
  Electric Instruments from £50.00 + price of parts
    (includes intonation adjustment)
Neck re-sets: Acoustic Instruments from £350.00
  Electric Instruments from £50.00
Neck Breaks: All Instruments from £160.00
Re-finishes: Neck from £180.00
  Complete from £350.00
  Sunburst from £300.00
New Fingerboard:   from £280.00
Re-shim Fingerboard:   from £180.00
General crack repairs:   from £25.00 (charged hourly)
Labour Charge for all work is £25.00 per hour.
All prices quoted pound sterling


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