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"Best Guitar in my collection by a mile! I play it every day and I still can't believe how good it sounds"

Chris Elliott

Just a quick note. I play at the Minchinhampton folk club, where your brother plays with his BEAUTIFUL guitar, made by you about 8(??) years ago. Its an OM size one I believe.


It’s a lovely ax…I want one! I may order one, one day…

No, just a compliment for what is one of the loveliest sounding guitars I have heard, and I have had some nice ones, Brook, top end Larreivee , etc…

Congratulations on being an incredible Luthier.

Keep at it!



I am delighted with your work on my D35.The action is spot on,the 
repair totally unnoticeable and the respray hasgiven the old girl a new 
lease of life.You are a true craftsman .The sound of the pickup is excellent 
played through a Trace Eliot acoustic amp. I am sorry to have left so 
abruptly ,as Iwould have liked to have had a longer chat if time was not so 
pressing. Let me know if your course in Llangunllo comes to fruition.

All the best 


Just a note to say that after leaving the mandolin to settle over night, I got a couple of hours in on it today ... absolutely great! You did an excellent job on it .. very much appreciated.


I'll get in touch regarding the Martin after Crimble & Hogmanay.


Just to let you know that my Dobro had it’s first outing last night.  I went to a session at the Hop Pole pub in Chilwell and everyone admired the guitar and the stunning workmanship. The sound was great and cut through the other assorted guitars. By chance , Patrick turned up with his mandolin, so 2 Keefe instruments were on display last night, making it a unique evening in the universe and the cosmos, because my instrument and Patrick’s are the only ones like that in the world.

Thanks again for such a superb instrument,


 Hi Colin

It was great to meet you and I really enjoyed the course, you managed to impart loads of technical hands on info in a very 
relaxed way and I learned absolutely loads.

Malcolm MacWatt

Dear Colin,

Just a quick note following the work you did on my Michael Gee Guitar.I must say how impressed I am by the quality of the refinish. The guitar looks stunning and the details of the soundboard grain under the french polish is quite remarkable. It's hard to remember now what it looked like before, but it I know it was a bit sad and unloved. I will certainly play it in concert at Farncombe House in October.

As always, the setup is perfect – you really “get it” when it comes to playability and feel.

Many thanks again.




Well to say i'm pleased with the guitar would be a gross understatement. I'm EXTREMELY happy with it! It looks fantastic and played wonderfully straight out of the case. The inlay is way beyond my expectation - it shimmers greens, silvers and purples in the light - absolutely beautiful.
Thankyou very much for your patience and skill on this job Colin, its very much appreciated

Just a quick mail to say thanks for doing such a fine job on ' Dolly'. I have taken her out a couple of times now and she looks, feels,smells and most importantly sounds wonderful. The cedar/maple combination is a good one and really provides a warm bassy sound.
Thanks again Colin for exceptional craftmanship.
All the Best,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line about the guitar repair.
It's been playing as good, if not better than its ever done. The sound when plugged in is also superb.
Thanks for a great job.


Ive had my guitar a couple of weeks now, just wanted to say thanks again, it looks great and plays beautifully.  The finish is fantastic, every time I walk past the case I have to get it out for another look!  Please also pass my thanks onto to Janet for the elbow grease!


A quick note to say what an exceptional job you’ve done with that battered old Telecaster of mine.  It’s a first class restoration and I’m deeply impressed – thank you.





I have recieved the Ramirez this morning, and I am absolutely delighted with the repair.
You have carried out the work exactly as requested and made a beautiful job.
When you get the time, please forward some pictures of guitars you have constructed in the past, mainly Classical and archtop Jazz types would be fine.
I will follow this E mail with a letter very soon, but for now please accept my
sincere thanks  once again for your Excellent work.
Kind Regards,

just a quick message to say thank you for an amazing job the fret board is like new and the guitar is playing better than ever. The quality of the work was well worth waiting for.

Played the guitar solidly for 2 hours after you left. No buzzing, no notes cutting off when bending, intonation, sustain and clarity of the notes all drastically improved.

Absolute joy to play again!


Thanks again,




Thanks again for you excellent work.  I can't believe it is the same guitar!!!!!!

Promise I wont give you another massive challenge like that again.

Take care,



Hi Colin. Had my first play on the newly refurbished Giffin bass last night and I have to say its sounding, playing and looking fantastic. Great job, Colin, many thanks!

Kind wishes,



I just wanted to say thanks for the course and for all the patience and time you gave.  I'll hope to be at the course next year if possible. 


I'm not sure what you've done to the electrics in that strat, but it sounds absolutely amazing.




brilliant!!  many thanks sounds great.    



These are fantastic guitars - I should know as I have five Keefe instruments and one on the way. His are the most playable instruments all with brilliant projection and incredible good looks.




Just to say fantastic job mate, over the moon with what you've done. You THE MAN!!!!




Just wanted to write to say thank you and Janet so much for such a great job on my Kasuga.

It plays like an absolute dream and there is such a vast improvement in sound.

I already liked it the way it was but wouldn’t have believed it would be even more of a joy to play.

I absolutely love it.







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